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The Chill Pill


The Chill Pill

The chill pill is a high quality metal mechanical puzzle, with 2 metal halves machined by hand with some very complex internal workings. This unique puzzle is like no other and is a great test for both new and experienced puzzlers. But no matter your experience is a must for anyone that likes the idea of a challenge!

Storyline – The chill pill, a secretive and ingenious invention designed by the world’s top scientist, to keep the secret to our world’s safety secure. Alas, with the environmental and political state of the planet declining rapidly, it’s only a matter of time before we are all in danger. Are you the chosen one to release the answer? Are YOU the hope we all need? With YOU, civilization has a chance of recovery, a chance only unlocked by your participation. Could you be the one to unlock the world’s mysteries, or is it more complex than you could ever imagine?

Product Details:

  • 88mm x 34mm x 34mm (nice hand size)

  • Machined external finish (Email for request of a different finish)

  • 1 brass side, 1 aluminium side

  • Difficulty 8/10

  • Originality 10/10

  • Comes with a FREE storage box that links with the theme

  • Includes a theme fitting rules and information sheet

Objective – Open the secret chamber …

Other Details:

  • Dispatch can take up to 3 weeks when it’s busy but the average time is 1 week

  • Puzzles are made in batches and there will be a notification on the site when a batch has run out.

Customising your puzzle:

It’s possible to get your puzzle customised however you will need to arrange this through Emailing and a specialised quote will be sent to you with details. The cost of the puzzle may range depending on what you want done. [email protected]

What can you change about your puzzle ?

Note: *All customisations only affect the look of your puzzle not the function *

  • The colour of the storage box (££)

  • The colour of the tool (£)

  • The colour of the aluminium part Eg: Green or blue aluminium (£££)