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Limited Edition Broken Crane


The Broken Crane

“Legend has it this has puzzled the world’s greatest engineers for centuries. No man has been able to fix the crane and collect the treasure! But you can change that… will you be the first one in over a hundred years to do the unthinkable.”

Item Information

This rare and unique sequential discovery puzzle is a “must have” for anyone that likes puzzles or even anyone new to the puzzling world. The goal of the puzzle is to unlock the treasure and fix the crane arm, this may seem easy and if it does I can assure you the task is much harder than you may think. But if the task seems daunting I urge you to try it you may surprise yourself! With a series of cool tricks and hidden features along the way I’m sure it will be a fun one. The puzzle comes with 2 hidden tools that can and will be needed to solve the puzzle.

Limited edition version:

Note this is the same puzzle as the original broken crane however it’s in multiple colours. Orange black and Gray as shown in the photo.

– 120mm x 140mm x 70mm
– included 2 spare rubber band
– comes with a solution packet
– made from Black, orange and grey PLA

Difficulty: 4/10

Solution originality: 10/10