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Poseidon’s Vault


Poseidon’s Vault

From the depths of the ocean you have managed to seized Poseidon’s vault, This vault has been hidden under water for hundreds of years. The only question that remains though is are you worthy enough to open it. Legend has it that only someone that is truly worthy of this puzzle has the ability to open it. Don’t disappoint the god of the seas himself as he will be watching over you while you try have a look inside his magical vault ! Could you be the first one to prove yourself to the god of the seas himself.

Item Information

This box puzzle is like no other, not only is it hand assembled and hand finished but it’s also one of kind. The original idea was brought up by Justin Machowicz and was designed and produced by myself.
This box puzzle is rated at a level 5, although not the hardest thing in the world it’s definitely a fun and unique solve that I’m sure you will not of come across before. As long as you follow the rules there should be no alternate solution however this is my first puzzle box and thought it has been tested thoroughly if you do find one please send a video of it to me on Etsy and I will fix it and send you the new version. This puzzle is so unique and is a must for anyone collecting puzzles or looking for a fun time.

Item details

– 80mm x 80mm x 40mm
– 120 grams
– hand sanded, glued and finished
– hand sanded to 1000 grit