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Due to the volume of orders I had to create a waiting list. This list is the the second batch of chill pills that i will make.

Batch 1 – Batch 1 should be looking at shipping around the end of this current week. 2nd-4th October. I will send emails out to everyone letting them know of there placement and what number puzzle they will be receiving.

Batch 2 – Batch 2 is a large batch that will have a range of different shipping times. It’s planned to have the first shipment of this batch on the 19th of October and the last shipment on the 5th of November.

What batch am I ?

I am in the process of emailing everyone that ordered a chill pill letting them know which puzzle they will receive and which batch that falls into.

If you have any questions feel free to reply to the email or contact myself at [email protected]